Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy

Following the European commitment to reduce 20% of the emissions by 2020, Thames Valley Temperature Control offer a complete design service when incorporating a renewable energy source into your existing environment.

Heat pumps are electrically powered appliances designed to provide space heating through water systems, either radiators or under floor by extracting from a free renewable energy source such as earth, water or air.

Heat pumps mean:

  • 3-5 times the efficiency of a traditional boiler system
  • Provision of heating and hot water demands throughout the year
  • No need to change or re-size existing radiators

Exhaust heat can also be turned into useful energy through ventilation systems with heat recovery or extract air/water heat pumps. Burning bio fuels is CO2 neutral and therefore environmentally sound.

Rising energy bills, tax relief, global warming and cutting-edge technology developments make it the perfect time to install a renewable energy source.


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